Nude Emo Girl

nude emo girl

This emo girl is covering up just a little she is nude accept for her panties.  But are those g-strings?  It doesn’t matter how terrible her life is going right now she is a hottie.  What could she possibly be so emo about? Maybe the scene isn’t going the way she wants.  People can be cruel sometimes.

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Real Emo Girls

Real Emo Girls

This real emo girl is covering up just a little.  I’m still trying to figure out how to define a real emo girl.  I suspect it’s more about the life style and less about the emotion.  The style is clearly a girly punk rock influence. Usually a lot of eye liner and a unique hair style.  They tend to have long hair most of time black and are skinny.

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Cute Emo Girl

cute emo girl


How cute is this girl.  What on earth could make her emo.  Maybe her parents ignore her and try to buy her love with money.  She is probably just a bored girl growing up in suburbia.  Who hates college and just wants to go see live music and travel the country following her favorite band.  If that’s what you want to do I say do it.  Just be sure to take some nude pictures with your rock star emo bangs and let us post them on this nude emo blog.

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Emo Girls Don’t Smile

emo girls dont smile

who the fuck is Kuba.  I guess this is his photo that I got from amateur emo girls site.  I got permission from them to post it so Kuda got ripped off I don’t know.  The question is what was he doing to get a half smile out of an emo girl.  Maybe she thought it was funny that she wrote on her boobs with a sharpie.

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Nude Emo Girl

nude emo girls

This nude emo girl has a cute face.  Not sure what I think about that tat looks kinda like something for santas elfs.  and her boobs are a little sloppy.  maybe its because I tend to like large boobs and hers are kind of in between big and small.  when they are small the are more perky.  and when they are big they can hang and just looks massive.  her face is cute enough.  it was nice of her to at least share a nude pic.  we know how those emo girls are so miserable its nice when they do something nice.  Then I poke fun of her body. When the truth is half the guys on this blog haven’t had sex with a girl anything close as cute as her.

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Brunette Nude Emo

Brunette Nude Emo

Meet My Girlfriend she is a beautiful Brunette Nude Emo girl.  Here she is covering her boobies in the picture she sends.  Gotta love when your GF sends you nude pictures. What a jerk I am for uploading her picture to Meet My GF.  No wonder she is emo she dates guys like me. 

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This emo chic with her long black hair and blue/purple highlights has that emo look.  She is a little light with the eye-liner but she has an absolute emo hardcore punk rock style.  And the very emo expression on her face.  Is she just trying to be cool or is life that bad.  Some girls look hot when they don’t smile.  I have a feeling if she was nude and attempted to smile she might be really hot. Either way I like her style.  If you want to see this emo girl nude click here.

Naked Emo Girl

Naked Emo Girl

Here is a real cutie this naked emo girl taking pictures of herself in the mirror.  Nice thing is that she is naked and has a small thin frame with lots of eye mak-up and very cool long hair. I guess she went for the artistic thing with the black and white but I usually prefer my naked emo girls to be in color.  It’s kind of tough to make out what their tats look like when its in black and white.

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Cute Emo

cute emo


Cute emo babe with lots of style.  The cool thing is that she took her sun glasses off for this picture.  It kind of looks like she might be holding head phones on her ears to see if she likes the newest emo tune.  It’s all about the music and that style.  The emotion well that’s just for show? Gorgeous blue eyes tool

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Nude Emo Girl

nude emo girl

Even when your emo you can smile every once in a while.  My guess is that this girl was having a good time posing nude for her boy and in enjoying herself she almost cracked a little smile.  Those boobs in the bath tiny little natural boobs with pointy ends.  I forget what you call those piercings that go into your skin. I dated a girl with amazing tits who got those above her boobs.  It kinda ruined her huge boobs.  This girl was a gcup and soiled them with those things cause her body rejected them and she was left with scars.  But I guess there is an element of self mutilation when you have a compulsion of tats and piercings.  So the scar is just fine.  It helps you feel something even if its a little pain.

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